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In this millennium, we are witnessing the greatest scientific and technological revolution of all times and we are confronting ourselves with an unprecedented debate about Brain Regeneration, Artificial Intelligence and Neuroprosthesesz for brain function restoration and enhancement.

We understand the brain better and better, but there still is a lot to discover ( Uploading your mind )

With Carlo Ierna, historian of philosophy at Radboud University we have been making a journey across some history at the origins of contemporary technology, recent disruptive news about brain chip implant and robots replacing humans.

The articles draw the attention of the scientific community as well as the general audience to different topics and arising questions about uploading and downloading consciousness, whether it is possible to transfer information directly from one brain to another over the internet…

…the relation between body and mind, and mind and behavior.

We have been investigating the origin of AI

A machine that could think like a person has been the guiding vision of AI research since the earliest days

Things that Think

What do we mean by “thinking”? What are the technical requirements on the machine? Does it need to process information in the same way that humans do? Massively parallel, biochemically, etc. like a human brain?

We analyzed the relation between

Robot and Humans

About the relation between body and mind, and the brain and the identity

Can we read and write brain signals wirelessly now?

Will we truly be able to read and write memories, emotions, knowledge in the brain?

And then we have been looking at the relation between

Sci-fi and Science

about the history of science fiction linked to the history of science” (Future of Days Past)

linking the history of science fiction to the history of science, exploring through the science fiction authors’ eyes how technology changes society.

Ethical and research standards have changed a lot…
We have some historical perspective, but we’d need ethics of technology…


BrainJam addresses the social, ethical, and philosophical concerns deriving from the emergence of previously unimaginable technology and its possible future application to the most mysterious organ of the human body: The Brain.

This site is intended to engage in an open dialogue between scientists, society, and policy makers to address the philosophical and ethical concerns arising from the increasing trend of the biotechnology and biomedical fields towards man-machine hybridization. It pursues a holistic approach to human well-being using an interdisciplinary combination of expert perspectives and philosophy, in order to inform the public and correct widespread misconceptions and fears about ‘cyborgs’ and human enhancement, stemming both from transhumanism and bioconservatism.

Going Into a Limb

The distinction between a “tool” and a prosthesis that is implanted into the body is more apparent than real. …

In this house we obey the laws of thought!

Two things fill the mind with ever new and increasing admiration and awe, the more often and steadily we reflect upon them …

The Ethical Pursuit

New discoveries, new technologies, new social arrangements in the external world erupt into our lives in the form of increased turnover rates.
They set the stage for that potentially devastating social illness—future shock.

Domo Arigato Mr. Roboto

Imagine a craftsman being awakened suddenly in the dead of night. He searches downstairs for something among a crowd of mannequins in his workshop. If the mannequins started to move, it would be like a horror story…

Natural Born Robots

Rodney Brooks (MIT) introduces Nouvell AI, also called fundamentalist AI. He compares and contrasts his Nouvell AI with the then-mainstream…

Where is my flying car?

Computing devices in our pocket, Live video chats, Voice commands … The future is already here … it’s just not very evenly distributed

Putting the “Artificial” in “Intelligence”

A machine that could think like a person has been the guiding vision of AI research since the earliest days…

Insert Coin to Pray

“There is no great invention, from fire to flying, which has not been hailed as an insult to some god…

Found in Translation

Whereas the notion of a “correct” computation is unproblematic … The notion of a “good” translation is ridden with problems …

To Humanity and Beyond

The case of the use of the abacus by Japanese school children and adults … tool’s use becomes incorporated into a culture-specific technology

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